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The #3 on all the helmets, banners, uniforms and signs stand for three character traits of a leader. These traits will be taught to all the athletes of 380 Youth Sports throughout the season.

Honesty | Confidence | Commitment


U4 - U5 | U6 | U8 | U10 | U12

Important Soccer Dates

1. Opening Day Parade and Ceremony: March 24th 2:00 pm in Savannah (Savannah Elementary to Magnolia Park behind the clubhouse)


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Please send any questions to: 

Jon Collins,

Changes for the Spring 2019 Soccer Season

1. All U8 and up teams will be formed via a skills assessment/draft

2. Skill clinics with the Braswell High School players

3. New fully custom sublimated uniforms

4. End of season playoffs for U8, U10 & U12


Important Soccer Dates

1. Opening Day Parade and Ceremony: March 24th


Please send any questions to the commissioner:

Commissioner - Jon Collins,  

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New header

380 Youth Sports Soccer “We do it for the kicks”

Good Sportsmanship, Integrity, Personal Responsibility, Self-Sacrifice and Teamwork


Thank you for participating and volunteering,

Jon Collins
Soccer Commissioner